Aldous One Punch item guide (Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Aldous One Punch item guide (Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Aldous One Punch item guide (Mobile Legends Bang Bang) – Aldous is Fighter type of Hero in Mobile Legends and will get stronger each time he kill minions or enemy hero, especially when you using skill 1 to enhance your basic attack and every time you success kill enemy minion, hero or jungle monster you will get increment damage that will add huge amount of damage in late game.

Aldous One Punch item guide (Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Aldous One Punch item guide (Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Also, he will get small shield for dealing with enemy attack, and his ultimate skill basically  can chase all enemy hero everywhere between the map land of dawn.

• Damage skill 1 will get increment each time
• No need damage item to inflict huge damage to enemy
• Ultimate can be use everywhere
• Very weak early game
• Passive skill need good timing together with skill 1

Build Item Aldous

with this guide we will give 2 item build for Aldous. First is to maximize his damage output, while second build is to make him become hero off-tank inisiator:

Item Build (Damage)
Items-Movement-2-Rapid-Boots Attack-3-Endless-Battle Defense-3-Thunder-Belt
Rapid Boots Endless Battle Thunder Belt
Items-Defense-3-Brute-Force-Breastplate Items-Defense-3-Athena's-Shield Items-Defense-3-Immortality
Brute Force Breastplate Athena’s shield Immortality

Engless Battle is the most suitable item for Aldous because of it’s true damage but early game will not contribute to much for Aldous, but will give plenty of mana regen which will help spamming skill 1 to collect stack early game.

Magic Shoes will increase movement speed and also give cool down reduction this will help Aldous decrease skill cool down for skill 2 and his Ultimate which have a long cool down.

Berserker’s Fury will give ability to inflict huge critical damage for Aldous. When skill 1 hit together with critical + huge stack, you will surprise by the damage output show on the screen.

Thunder Belt will give survival ability for Aldous, also will solve mana problem when you have this two item together with Endless Battle, just keep spamming skill 1 and skill 2 without worry about run out of mana. Beside that each skill will have a slowing effect for  enemy, this will make enemy more difficult to run away from Aldous.

Blade of Despair will make Aldous become monster with huge damage output when activate skill 1 also don’t forget each stack collected will increase  his damage till late game. No surprise Aldous can kill enemy with one hit.

Item Build (Defense)
Defense-3-Thunder-Belt Movement-2-Warrior-Boots Defense-3-Dominance-Ice
Thunder Belt Warrior Boots Antique Cuirass
Defense-3-Wings-of-the-Apocalypse-Queen Defense-3-Sky-Guardian-Helmet Defense-3-Immortality
Wings of the Apocalypse Queen Sky Guardian Helmet Immortality

Thunder Belt will give ability to survive much longer and also solve mana usage problem if combine this item together with Endless Battle, will make Aldous spamming skill 1 and 2 without worry about mana usage. Beside that, each attack from Aldous skill will give slow effect to enemy, which will make enemy more difficult to run away from Aldous.

Warrior Boots is item choice for increase movement speed and also will give extra Armor for more sustainable during combat it work very good for Aldous since Fighter hero mostly Melee attack always nice to have extra armor.

Antique Cuirass will give bonus defends also will reduce enemy attack each time Aldous Hit / Damage.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen will give extra Hit Point for Aldous, Another extra features from this item is Bonus Life Steal will make Aldous fight longer during one on one combat, especially when low in Hit Point.

Sky Guardian Helmet will give more Hit Point. Beside that the Bonus Regeneration Hit Point from this item will make Aldous fun to play in battle field.

Immortality will give more Magic Defense and will make Aldous save to enter war / middle of team fight with his Ultimate because he can Resurrection from dead.

Recommended Emblem
Emblem-Custom-Fighter Emblem-Custom-Tank
Custom Fighter Custom Tank
Talent (Fighter) Talent (Tank)
Bravery Lv.3 Vitality Lv.3
Invasion Lv.3 Inspire Lv.3
Unbending Will Attack and Defense

For Damage Build, we recommend Emblem Custom Fighter. Use Bravery and Invasion for more Damage and Armor Penetration, Also Talent Unbending Will can give extra damage till 10% every time your Hero lost Hit Point. The other talent option is Disabling Strike, which will give slow effect to enemy every time your hero use skill.

For Tanky Build / off-Tank, we will recommend Emblem Custom Tank. Use Vitality and Inspire for extra Hit Point and Cool Down Reduction, Also Talent Attack and Defense will increase Physical Attack every time you Hero increase Hit Point.

Other option is Tenacity, will increase defense when Hit Point bellow 40%, very suitable combine this with Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Recommended Battle Spell
Battle-Spell-Retribution Battle-Spell-Flicker
Retribution Flicker

Retribution will help Aldous during farming, especially when using damage build. He can easily get Jungle buff or Gold buff

while Flicker can save your life from deadly situation, The truth since Aldous doesn’t have escape ability with skill 2 is not enough to keep Aldous alive from enemy gang bang.

Build Skill Aldous

1 – 5
aldous-skill1 aldous-skill2 aldous-skill1 aldous-skill3 aldous-skill1
Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 1 Skill 3 Skill 1
6 – 10
aldous-skill1 aldous-skill2 aldous-skill3 aldous-skill2 aldous-skill1
Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 2 Skill 1
11 – 15
aldous-skill1 aldous-skill3 aldous-skill2 aldous-skill2 aldous-skill2
Skill 1 Skill 3 Skill 2 Skill 2 Skill 2

Skill 1 is the reason you play Aldous is his main ability that can contribute / inflict huge amount of damage and will get stronger each time he collect stack from killing minions/monster/enemy hero. Try to last hit enemy using skill 1 to get more stack bonus at early game, Damage output will increase at late game. Note: this skill doesn’t effect 1 enemy only, so try to gather bunch of minion and last hit them at once.

Because of skill 1 can increase Aldous next basic attack, he can activate again 2 times while hitting without delay. Try to master this timing!! is very important, Skill 1 also will give glowing effect also will trigger Aldous passive ability, and will get small amount of shield base on Aldous damage output. Note: more damage output meaning more shield.

Skill 2 make Aldous more sustainable from basic attack and will reduce 50% damage from other attack, also will boost Aldous movement speed, so this is very good combo for running away or chasing low HP enemy. Note: if the Shield duration run out it will exploded and inflict damage to nearby enemy plus mini stun to interrupt their action skill.

Skill 3 will make Aldous and his team mate able to see enemy position from mini map, and if activate it again will make aldous fly to targeted enemy hero. After impact will knock back enemy hero and mini stun effect, this skill also have huge damage. Important Note: be aware of enemy Hero if the target die before the impact Aldous still will fly to the targeted location. But no Worry since this skill can be cancel anytime by Aldous. (Just pay attention on mini map).

For combo skill always use kill 2 before attack to make sure when close to enemy it exploded and give mini stun to enemy hero so you can activated skill 1 to inflict damage. If you master the timing you can inflict skill 1 two times to enemy hero and will trigger Aldous passive ability to get a big amount of Shield. (base on damage output)

Level up Skill combination, Skill 1 is priority (Damage Output), Skill 2 for survival ability (Shield buff) and last Skill Ultimate always up this when have a chance.

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How to play Aldous

Early Game

At Early Game, Aldous can be very weak, make sure to play safe early game especially when line up with enemy range Hero for example Mage / Marksman. Play safe and remember last hit minion to collect Stack, no need to play aggressive early on. And try to kill jungle monster when your line is clear.

Do not hesitate to ask for backup if you struggle early on, Although Aldous early on cannot inflict huge amount of damage, with this skill set will make him front line fighter. With little help, Aldous can outcome almost every enemy hero.

Mid Game

Pastikan Aldous sudah memiliki belasan stack pada Skill 1nya di tahap ini, karena performanya akan sangat jatuh bila tidak. Tanpa stack yang cukup, Aldous masih harus berada dalam lane untuk mencari last hit dan tidak dapat roaming dengan baik untuk membantu timnya.

Bila stack yang dimilikinya sudah cukup, Aldous sudah bisa bergabung dalam teamfight untuk memimpin serangan atau menyusul dengan Ultimatenya. Jangan ragu untuk berada di garis depan bila tim kamu berada di sekitar, Aldous mampu menghasilkan damage besar dan crowd control yang cukup untuk membuat lawan tidak bisa membalas dengan aman.

Late Game

If everything go well at Early Game, Aldous will become unstopable with his high burst damage output and enough crowd control. The damage output is to high for enemy hero beside Tank Hero or Fighter, no surprise if enemy Marksman or Assassin will instant dead in one hit by Aldous skill 1 and skill 2 combo. If situation under control make sure to keep scrolling cam at mini map to keep an eye on enemy low hp, if there is a target use ultimate to chase low HP enemy. (Easy kill)

Attack together with Tank in your team, or lead the attack if there is no Tank. Always aim enemy that you can kill easily, especially when they can do a lot of damage to your team mate. Do not hesitate to use Ultimate skill for instant kill threaten enemy hero if difficult to case them or reposisioning

Combination Hero Aldous

Good Against
Coming Soon
Careful with
Coming Soon
Suitable with
Coming Soon



Aldous is type of hero that depends a lot on early game, if you make mistake early game and it will not contribute at mid game till late game worse case you can become burden for your team mate.

Therefore, we give 2 type of item build for Aldous in this guide, Damage Build is recommended for every situation especially early game. Meanwhile Defense Build for situation if the enemy is dominate until you cannot farm well or collecting stack interrupt by enemy, with this build at least you can survive longer during combat.

Always try to use Damage Build if possible, because with this build you can maximize Aldous potential like one hit one kill.

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