Full Guide Selena item build and Emblem Mobile Legends

Full Guide Selena item build and Emblem Mobile Legends

Full Guide Selena item build and Emblem Mobile Legends – Selena role is Mage/Assassin with amazing CC skill and bigger damage. Unlike Kagura or Harley with incredible mobility, Selena can deal a lot of Damage and this will become great problem to enemy team.

This Hero have 2 form with different Skill. This two mode have very dangerous Skill when you know the combination. As a player can you master both form without problem?

Full Guide Selena item build and Emblem Mobile Legends

Full Guide Selena item build and Emblem Mobile Legends

Advantage and disadvantage Selena

• Potential high damage Burst
• Skill 1 can out zone enemy, expecially at jungle
• Skill 2 cash spell have incredible range
• Very weak against crowd control  effect
• Need calculation and precision with your Abyssal Mark to maximize the damage output

Build Item Selena

Item Build
Items-Magic-3-Calamity-Reaper Movement-2-Arcane-Boots.png Magic-3-Concentrated-Energy
Calamity Reaper Arcane Boots Concentrated Energy
Magic-3-Devil-Tears Magic-3-Holy-Crystal Items-Magic-3-Blood-Wings
Divine Glaive Holy Crystal Blood Wings


Calamity Reaper will reduce Cool down so player can spam Skill as much as possible. Passive from this item will increase basic attack after Skill. This Effect very suitable for Selena because is Hybrid Mage/Assassin

Arcane Boots will increase player speed. But the main function from this item is to give extra magic PEN to get maximum Damage output from player

This Item can be replace with Rapid Boots for maximum speed, or other magic or defensive item like new Winter Truncheon

Concentrated Energy will give great amount of Spell-Vamp, with this item, every time player cast spell and hit the enemy it will restore HP. Player also can restore health while kill enemy Hero.

Divine Glaive will give maximum Magic PEN so if enemy tank or fighter using Magic def item, it will kinda ignore the magic defends.

Holly Crystal increase damage output of the player, Every time player cast skill before hit the enemy. This is very good for Selena because it depends a lot from skill combo.

Blood Wings will give extra amount of Magic Power. More then that it also add some extra HP for player to make it more hard to kill

Recommended Emblem
Emblem-Custom-Mage Emblem-Common-Magic
Custom Mage Common Magic
Recommended Battle Spell
Battle-Spell-Retribution Battle-Spell-Flicker
Retribution Flicker

Retribution will be very helpful for Selena while farming in the jungle area. Combination with skill from both form plus Retribution will make jungle monster vanish very fast.
Flicker can save you in many dangerous situation. Of course you can use skill 2 from abyssal form to escape but remember your skill 2 cool down can become very frustrating while trying to escape from enemy Genk

Build Skill Selena

1 – 5
selena-skill1-1 selena-skill2-1 selena-skill1-1 selena-skill3-1 selena-skill1-1
Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 1 Skill 3 Skill 1
6 – 10
selena-skill2-1 selena-skill1-1 selena-skill3-1 selena-skill1-1 selena-skill2-1
Skill 2 Skill 1 Skill 3 Skill 1 Skill 2
11 – 15
selena-skill1-1 selena-skill3-1 selena-skill2-1 selena-skill2-1 selena-skill2-1
Skill 1 Skill 3 Skill 2 Skill 2 Skill 2

up Skill 1 first for give damage and help farming. player can use up to 3 abyssal traps in Elven mode. Trap will trigger after being step by enemy and will mark on enemy after exploded.

This Skill will give Mark to enemy and will increase damage power in Abyssal Mode. 1 Mark after step on the Abyssal traps, 1 more Mark after exploded.

in Abyssal Mode, this Skill will increase the attack power and will give short time period shield after impact. After that, Range spell will help you to case down enemy hero.

Skill 2 in Elven mode will give Stun to enemy. The further the range, the longer the Stun effect. use this Skill to harass enemy from distance.

Abyssal Arrow that come out can carry Abyssal Traps along the way, Skill 1 and give effect Skill 1 to enemy while getting hit by the arrow.

with this, player can give up to 3 Mark continuously. but enemy only can carry 2 mark, so use this First Mark before going to waste.

Skill 2 in Abyssal mode will burst the speed into specific location and give damage to enemy along the way. If hit the enemy with Mark, cool down from Skill will be reset. Use combination Skill 2 Elven and Abyssal together with reset Cool down with Skill 3 for casing and escaping from enemy case
Skill 3 will be transformation mode for Selena. Every time Selena Change mode, player will get extra movement speed in short period of time. While in Abyssal mode, player will get increase damage. This skill will reset Cool down Skill 1 and 2.

Combination Selena Skill

The most effective combination Skill for Selena is : E1 – E2 – 3 – A1 – A2 – A2 – A2 – BA – A1 – BA – A2 – 3.

E is Skill in Elven mode while A is Skill in Abyssal mode. BA is Basic Attack or normal attack.

  1. First put Abyssal Trap in front of enemy, try to place it not in the enemy line for surprise attack.
  2. Use Skill 2 from far and aim it before shoot try to make Abyssal arrow pass through Abyssal Traps. while using Skill 2 and hit Enemy, the target will show in mini map after exploded.
  3. Use Skill 3 and get close to enemy. Use Skill 1, but don’t try to hit enemy with basic attack. keep this skill effect for last hit the confirm kill the target enemy.
  4. Enemy must get stun and have 2 Mark together with Mark number 3 before it pop out. Quickly use skill 2 to slaughter enemy before the third Mark show up. (Note: Third Mark is for ensure the kill)
  5. User Skill 2 Abyssal to hit target until 3 times, then user normal attack. In this form, mostly Skill 1 cool down is ready. Use it again to harass enemy again and again. Make sure to keep aware on Skill 2 cool down for escape.
  6. If Enemy not yet die in one combo, usually they will be low in health. watch mini map and consider is it save to secure a kill? Use skill 2 if needed, then use Skill 3 to transform into Elven mode. Stun with Skill 2 if needed.

How to play Selena

Early Game

3 abyssal traps

3 abyssal traps

Early game start, directly go to jungle buff monster and place 3 Abyssal Traps before the monster show up. After monster show up and get 1 Abyssal Mark directly use skill 1 in Abyssal Form to damage the jungle buff monster, and lure it to second Abyssal Traps that you place early on before it re spawn. Normally 3 Abyssal Traps will kill the Jungle buff monster very quick.

Use combination skill to hunt jungle monster. Early on do not engage enemy hero, remember only engage to defends tower. Use Elven Mode to attack them from save distance. Take line together with Tank or Fighter if possible.

Mid Game

Spam skill 1 and Skill 2

Spam skill 1 and Skill 2

Keep on using combination of skill to do the farming and fast kill jungle monster. Always mobile from line to line to occupy empty line. While player see enemy leveling, always set ambush to interrupt their line. Make sure the enemy is alone to secure the kill and prevent you get kill by their team mate. Also make sure your team mate is aware if you want to engage.

Change mode and use the skill to reset your Skill 1 and Skill 2 for Harass Enemy or at least make enemy difficult to stay in line. Be Aware of the skill reset cool down and transformation from Elven mode to Abyssal Mode. For escape, always aim Skill 2 Elven at enemy line and Skill 2 Abyssal to stay away from enemy. Last don’t forget Skill 3 will reset all your Skill 1 and Skill 2 cool down.

Late Game

spam skill from distance

spam skill from distance

At late-game, Selena will not contribute a lot at war or team fight. Use Skill 2 Elven mode to stun Enemy Assassin or Mage from far distance and don’t engage to early. Because Selena is very low HP compare to others Hero. First priority is to Stun Enemy hero with low HP, but do not rush in to secure kill while enemy hero are in group. Don’t kill enemy and died is not worth.

Always transform from one mode to another mode while moving to get extra bonus movement speed. Also can use the reset cool down advantage to harass enemy from distance. Remember to use Skill 2 for casing or escaping from enemy sight.

Combination Hero Selena

Strong Agains
Marksman-Layla Marksman-Clint Mage-Eudora
Layla Clint Eudora
Be Careful with
Assassin-Natalia Support-Nana Assassin-Helcurt
Natalia Nana Helcurt
Suitable with
Mage-Aurora Fighter-Zilong Tank-Gatotkaca
Aurora Zilong Gatotkaca



To be honest that Selena is one of the most difficult Hero to play, because you need to master both form skill combination and the skill is totally different in both mode. New player will have difficulty to master this hero.

But if player master the spell combination, hunt enemy hero one by one, like a predator hunting is pray it give you the feeling of satisfaction

More article visit ~> Selena Build Core Magic Item

Selena Build core Magic item

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