Guide New Meta build Uranus Mobile Legends

Guide New Meta build Uranus Mobile Legends

Guide New Meta build Uranus Mobile Legends – Role Tank with incredible regeneration Hit Point the more you get hit, the more HP regeneration, This passive will make enemy hero hard to kill Uranus especially during team fight. With this passive ability will make this Tank can compete with other Tank hero like Hylos, Johnson, Gatotkaca and etc.

Guide New Meta build Uranus Mobile Legends

Guide New Meta build Uranus Mobile Legends


Advantage and Disadvantage Uranus

• Incredible regeneration HP with passive skill
• The more damage receive, the more damage you can inflict with skill
• His Ultimate is one of the most powerful crowd control in the game
• Don’t have escape Ability, only can survive by relaying on passive ability
• Burst damage can be depleted and require stack of Radiance

Build Item Uranus

Item Build
Defense-3-Oracle Movement-2-Warrior-Boots Defense-2-Blade-Armor
Oracle Warrior Boots Blade Armor
Defense-3-Dominance-Ice Defense-3-Sky-Guardian-Helmet Defense-3-Immortality
Dominance Ice Sky Guardian Helmet Immortality

Oracle will increase Hero Hit Point and also increase Hit Point Regeneration. Decrease Cool down reduction also will help to spam skill again and again for harass enemy hero. This Passive item similar with  Hero Passive skill, so this will double the HP regeneration rate. (Forget about teleport back to base)

Warrior Boots will add extra armor for Uranus. Also will increase movement speed.

Blade Armor passive will give return damage to enemy hero while attacking you, this item very useful during team war.

Dominance Ice will slow down enemy hero this will make Uranus very annoying, and will help team mate during war. This item also reduce skill cool down

Sky Guardian Helmet will give extra Hit point and insane amount of HP regeneration, also Assist or kill will increase % regeneration HP

Immortality will give Uranus second chance when knock down by enemy. Note: this item has cool down, and will not resurrect under cool down effect.

Recommended Emblem
Emblem-Custom-Tank Emblem-Custom-Support
Custom Tank Custom Support
Recommended Battle Spell
Battle-Spell-Petrify Battle-Spell-Flicker
Petrify Flicker

Petrify will stop / disturb surrounding enemy (mini stun). It can use to interrupt channeling skill and team mate can use this to secure kill. This battle spell is very useful during team war. Best combo with Uranus skill 2 dash forward and Petrify.

Flicker often use for escape since Uranus doesn’t has escape skill and consider the slowest hero in Mobile Legends, Skill 2 is more likely to increase movement speed in short period of time, but sadly some Hero can still case you while your Skill 2 effect is on.

Build Skill Uranus

1 – 5
uranus-skill1 uranus-skill2 uranus-skill1 uranus-skill3 uranus-skill1
Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 1 Skill 3 Skill 1
6 – 10
uranus-skill2 uranus-skill1 uranus-skill3 uranus-skill1 uranus-skill2
Skill 2 Skill 1 Skill 3 Skill 1 Skill 2
11 – 15
uranus-skill1 uranus-skill3 uranus-skill2 uranus-skill2 uranus-skill2
Skill 1 Skill 3 Skill 2 Skill 2 Skill 2

Always up Skill 1 first to harass enemy line early game. This skill will damage surrounding enemy while activated and will be you only skill damage till late game. The burst damage is depends on passive stack Radiance collected by Uranus. Try to use this skill while attacking enemy hero to add extra damage.

Skill 2 will increase movement speed and also give shield to Uranus. While the duration finish the shield will exploded immediately and cause damage to enemy inside the circle area.  Use this skill to open war, but try not to activated before enemy close by. If you activated this skill to early, enemy will anticipated this.

Skill 3 will release inner soul inside Uranus body and will remove all kind of slowing effect. Increase movement speed and increase 15 stack Radiance. Also this skill will increase shield effect and HP regeneration for 8 seconds. During this 8 seconds slowing effect is immune to Uranus.

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How to Play Uranus

Early Game

Use Skill 1 to clear minion fast. Do not engage enemy hero without backup, because this skill 1 damage is very low early game. Use skill 2 to lock distance with enemy hero, and quickly retreat after the shield explode. always accompany  marksmen or mage hero. Never ever go solo line. After get skill 3 (Ultimate), player can start play a little bit aggressive and lock enemy distance using skill 2 (don’t use skill 2 inside turret). shield will immediately explode.

Mid Game

Always look at mini map to see which line need backup. Hold the line and use ultimate to absorb damage as much as possible, let our team mate do the killing. Always stick together and follow team mate especially Mage and Marksmen. Use skill 2 to get inside enemy horde and positioning your self before activate skill 1 try to hit as many as possible using skill 1. Only play aggressive if your team mate is ready for war. If team mate far from you try to retreat from the fight.

Late Game

Charge forward and try to Argo enemy minion and hero, while your team mate is preparing and positioning to ambush them, use skill 2 after first attack and directly use ultimate to absorb damage as much as possible, and spamming skill 1 and try to hit enemy as much as possible using skill 1 to slow them down.

Combination Hero Uranus

Strong Agains
Fighter-Martis Assassin-Fanny Fighter-Jawhead
Martis Fanny Jawhead
Careful with
Mage-Kagura Mage-Zhask Mage-Harley
Kagura Zhask Harley
Suitable with
Tank-Grock Marksman-Irithel Support-Estes
Grock Irithel Estes

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uranus victory
Although have a huge amount of defends and HP Regeneration, Uranus use mana to much and never ever assume this tank can take 5 enemy hero together. Fight enemy together with friends / team mate and use skill to harrass them. Remember good Tank will always take care and make team mate happy while playing together.

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