How to increase Youtube view in 2020

How to increase Youtube view in 2020

How to increase Youtube view in 2020 – in this artikel i will explain simple way how to increase Youtube video view  by using exchange viewer platform name YTMonster, With all due respact please visit my other blog for more info about how to increase instagram followers if you already open the instagram tutorial bookmark it and let’s continue to our topic about youtube, how you increse youtube video view? that you already upload? Of course for us who still beginner at youtube world we will get confused and don’t know where to start? and how to get view at our new youtube channel.

No worry this time will help you how to get more view. Follow this simple step to get more view, and if you follow this simple steps carefully you will success and no worry about your Youtube id get banned? okey here we go…

how to increase youtube view in 2018

how to increase youtube view in 2020

Tutorial How to get more View Youtube Video at 2020

Start Make Dummy channel youtube (For safety Reason)

Why do we need dummy id? why not the original id we have? because here we want to play safe. Let’s say youtube banned our id because we violate the rules, in this case we use the dummy id, so we are safe. NOTE: Remember Youtube Banned is permanent…

Use this dummy id to authorize to this party and give view to our youtube channel video. Prepare your original channel that you want to promote here and get your dummy ID to work for you as a credit collector (I will explain more about this).

YTmonster As a third party

YTMonster work as a platform that will allow users to exchange viewers, we will use this platform to increase our Youtube view. I already try YTMonster myself and is proven work and safe so i reccomend this to you all
First Open and then Register Account anda klik Here.

Cara Memperbanyak View Youtube Terbaru di tahun 2019

Cara Memperbanyak View Youtube Terbaru di tahun 2019

Fill up all field that been display, possible use active email so after register directly activated the link. After register you will receive email confirmation.

Jika sudah register dan konfirmasi email, masuk ke dalam account YTMonster yang kalian daftar, hal yang pertama yang harus kalian lakukan adalah connect / hubungkan account youtube anda disini channel tumbal yang kita gunakan, sekali lagi jangan pakai channel utama kalian, for safety reason.

a. How YTMonster System Work

First i will give little information about how the system work here, YTmonster exchange platform allow user to collect credit as much as possible that you will user later on to exchange viewers. The currency here we call credit, A Simple way to collect viewer by allowing this exchange platform to auto view the other user video, so as a user we can just leave our laptop or PC at home and work on collecting credit. While we go outside make sure your pc or laptop stay on and have WiFi Connection. Auto view video will help the user collect credit…

b. How To Get Credit ?

Very Easy to get Credit, If you already enter to YTmonster and already connect your dummy channel here, go to exchange menu and click on youtube views. If you already, “OPENT CLIENT” normally Beta This is the version i am using currently in future the version might be change right now still client beta version

download client YTMonster

download client YTMonster

If already click start.  Then the credit will increase by itself every time you finish watch video (Auto View).

Note : Mute Volume video player youtube for comfort reason.

3. I Assume this time is the right time, To increase your Viewers Youtube!

If you follow simple steps above right now you will have credit to spent, here is the tips for increase your youtube view. Prepare the video link you want to increase the view.

  • Copy link, link address bar.
  • Go to YTMonster page, and then click on CAMPAIGNS, Choose ADD NEW. IF already done then will come out Field  that you need to fill likeThis:
    • Youtube URL
    • Type
    • View Length (durasion video)
    • Amount (Numbers of view that you want)
    • Optional Settings
  • Fill in youtube url link  that you already copy before.
  • Type, Choose views Because you need to increase youtube view right?
  • View Length, is up to you, normally i choose between 60 – 100 detik.
  • Amount, this is the ammount of view that you like to add.
  • Checklist “Block Proxy Views” Is a must!!

Noted : Your Credit ballance is calculate based on view length and view amount you want. So the bigger the view Length the more credit you need to spent also similar with the amount of view.

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